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Pre-Varsity (Pre-K - 12)

Our institute has self-paced online and offline courses for participants of any age. Yes. We start them as early as pre-school. We build a strong tap root for them as early as possible. Success is easy if hard work becomes a fun habit. Children should enjoy learning at an early age. It is not fair to expect miracle from them when it is too late

Higher Education

We provide precise learning content at all higher education levels starting from general education to post graduate level. We prepare students for the best school they can get into and support them with learning materials to facilitate their easy success in their specific departments. We also provide participants access to and recommendations for scholarships.

Professional Development

We have self-paced courses for professional skills development as well as high demand workforce/vocational skills. Take advantage of our courses to prepare for certifications, grow and make your job easier. We have a lot of leadership courses as well. You can sign up your entire company for a continuous learning experience.

General Life Skills & Tools

You can sign up to gain access to our Public Health and general knowledge content plus premium apps, software, games, textbooks. scholarships, internship and job opportunities.

English as a Second Language

We provide precise learning experience for English learners at all levels.